Arlo vs Arlo Pro Cameras – We Help You Decide

Arlo vs Arlo Pro a Complete Guide to Help You Make The Right Choice

Netgear offers great consumer security cameras for monitoring your home. In this article we compare Arlo vs Arlo pro. Both Arlo and Arlo Pro are primarily designed for outdoor use, although they can be used indoors as well. The new Arlo Pro has a few additional and appealing features, so it is important to know the difference between the two devices. Every feature included in the Arlo is also available in the Arlo Pro, but it expands by adding a few more.

Let’s read on to find out more about both these devices and the differences between Arlo and Arlo Pro.

Arlo vs Arlo Pro Features 


Arlo is a basic, entry-level Wi-Fi enabled security camera system. The camera of this device is compact and wireless that runs quickly. It requires a base station and a power outlet that can be connected to your router.
  • Arlo runs on 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals
  • The resolution on the camera is 720p
  • Wireless batteries
  • It is weather-proof as well as water resistant
  • Has infrared night vision and HD video quality
  • It uses a PIR device to detect motion
  • The base unit is easily configurable
  • You can view multiple cameras on the same screen at once
  • The viewing area and range is basic without any obstructions
  • Night vision is limited to 20 -25 feet only
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted and motion alerts can be set based on your preferences
  • Additional USB port is available, for extra storage you can just swap out another USB drive
  • The Arlo app is available on all IOS and Android devices
  • Netgear allows you to easily record free of cost for 7 days for up to 5 cameras via their cloud-storage system
  • A library is available, which displays a calendar that can be used to set your schedules for individual camera motion detection
  • It can also be used to view previously saved clips

Issues of Arlo

  • One of the major issues of Arlo is that it lacks a two-way talk.
  • There is also a long lag between the camera motion sensing and notification time.
  • Another big issue is that it comes with non-rechargeable batteries that require replacement every 4 months. However, rechargeable batteries can be purchased separately.

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro is a high-quality version of Arlo that gives high performance and comes with a Wi-Fi Security Camera System. It also comes with rechargeable batteries, unlike Arlo.
The set-up process of Arlo Pro is very simple and straightforward. Just power on the base by plugging it into the router and then turn on the cameras. Press the sync button on the base as well as each camera. Now, you can easily monitor the video on your smartphone.
  • The Arlo base station is updated with improved functionality
  • It runs on same Wi-Fi signals as Arlo
  • It also has same720 HD resolution camera for streaming and recording videos
  • Two-way audio is enabled with a microphone and a speaker, allowing you to communicate with the guests outside
  • Arlo Pro camera is of the second
  • It uses a dual PIR device to detect motion, that does a faster and better job as compared to Arlo
  • It goes into sleep mode to save your battery and is awoken by any kind of sound or motion
  • It has a digital zoom feature to slightly enhance the image
  • The base station unit is easy to set-up and easily connects to your home router
  • Similar to Arlo, Arlo Pro also comes with a USB port for additional storage
  • The base is equipped with a 100-db siren that is triggered by any sound or motion detection and sends text and email alerts
  • The Arlo Pro App is available on all the IOS and Android devices
  • You can view more than one camera on the same screen in the app
  • The screen can be viewed in full-screen mode as well for a single camera
  • The camera can also be zoomed, tilted, and panned
  • There are also alarms and triggers to use the motion and sound detection to send email and text alerts.
  • Along with free cloud storage of 7 days for 5 cameras, they also have upgradable packages available with a nominal fee.
  • It also has a pause feature.
  • The batteries are rechargeable. It can be charged using a micro-USB cable via a nearby outlet.

Issues of Arlo Pro

One issue with the Arlo Pro is operating the camera in extremely cold temperatures. Although the operating temperature is said to be -4˚ degrees Fahrenheit, a few users said that the battery indicated a low battery warning on colder days. This warning of low battery level can cause hindrance in the proper functioning of the camera.

Arlo vs Arlo Pro Differences

The major differences between Arlo vs Arlo Pro include:
Arlo Pro
BatteriesBatteries need to be replaced on a regular basisBatteries can be charges
Lag timeTakes 8-9 seconds to notify about any motionAny motion will be notified within 2-3 seconds
Colder temperaturesWorks down to 14˚ FahrenheitCan work down to -4˚ Fahrenheit
Field viewUp to 110 degrees wide field viewProvides up to 130 degrees wide view
SurveillanceSurveillance is betterSurveillance is higher
Should you upgrade to Arlo Pro?
No doubt that Arlo Pro has many additional features that make it an excellent choice of camera for your home, but at the same time it also costs a little extra than the Arlo.
Both the devices have great cameras. The difference between Arlo and Arlo Pro is that Arlo Pro has better battery life and does not require maintenance. Although it is pricier than Arlo, it provides the best value for the money and gives a top class performance. As for Arlo, it is a basic security system to watch over your home or business while you are away. It provides you every basic requirement that you would look for in a simple security system.
Considering the up gradation, Arlo Pro is backward compatible with Arlo base and hence, upgrading should not be a big hassle, if at all you want to do it. If you already have the Arlo cameras, you can just get yourself a new Arlo Pro base station, as the camera is fully compatible and works seamlessly. Or you can also choose to buy an Arlo add-on camera that works compatibly with your existing Arlo base station. This will add up some of the Arlo Pro features to your device.

Arlo vs Arlo Pro Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Arlo
  • It is wireless
  • It is easy to setup
  • The video quality remains stable regardless of the distance from the base unit, as long as the connection is strong and stable
  • Instant email or push notifications alerts along with reviewable clips
  • The base comes with a USB slot for external storage
  • The app is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Adequate night vision that allows a range of about 25ft even in low light areas
  • The app comes with a pause feature that aids in getting the perfect screen shot
Disadvantages of Arlo
  • Every single camera requires 4 photo batteries
  • No speakers available for two-way communication
  • Pushing the wireless range to its maximum limit can result in draining the batteries faster
  • If the scene gets busier, the motion detector will be triggered frequently, which will, in turn, deplete the batteries faster
Advantages of Arlo Pro
  • ​Rechargeable and removable 2440 mAh batteries
  • Faster motion and sound alerts
  • Tilting, Panning and Zoom-in features
  • Backward compatible with the Arlo base
Disadvantages of Arlo Pro
  • Although it is weather-proof, there were battery issues encountered at lower temperatures
  • A little expensive
  • The siren is equipped on the base, instead of the camera. It should be placed on the camera to scare off any intruders
  • Batteries drain faster if the wireless connection is pushed to its limits in order to boost the signal to reach the base

Arlo vs Arlo Pro Our Take

Overall it comes down to whether you want cost effectiveness of Arlo vs Arlo Pro  features and power packed performance. While Arlo is cheaper in price, shelling out a little cash for the Arlo Pro gets you a lot of additional features and better functionality.
There is not much difference between the Arlo and Arlo Pro. But considering what exactly you are looking for, you can still get an efficient and power packed cheap home security method with Arlo. However, if you are looking for the one that provides extra benefits with better performance, go for Arlo Pro. All the features that it has to offer are definitely worth the extra cash.

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