DIY Smart Home Automation System – The Ultimate Guide 2018

Tap. Your morning coffee starts brewing!
Tap. The garage door you forgot to close gets securely shut!
Tap. Your living room AC gets turned on just five minutes before you enter your home in the evening!

Sounds magical, doesn’t it?!
Well, what if we say this is your life one month after reading this article?
Welcome to the world of DIY Smart Home Automation!
You see, tonight you are going to google what ‘smart home automation system’ is, just out of curiosity. And a week after that you will start the automation process of your home, making your life infinitely better.
We are not at the liberty to reveal whether this web page is a wormhole or not. But just follow the above-mentioned events in the specified order. And you will be waking up to your dream future in right about 29 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes!
So, are you ready to take the plunge to the other side? Alright, let’s go!

What is a Smart Home Automation System?

You know you have been secretly wondering about it. So why wait? Let’s dive in headfirst into this ocean of breakthrough knowledge.
We have two choices now. We can either give you the standard (snoozefest!) definition of this technology. Or, we can choose the road less traveled by (and certainly more interesting). So hop in already!
The crux of the DIY smart home automation system is to make things simpler and better for you and your family. The process of home automation ends with you getting a sleek control panel to monitor your home like never before.
What’s more, you can also connect them to your smart gadgets and customize your home setting as and when you desire.
The various aspects of your home that you can automate using the smart home automation system are:
• Appliances
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
• Lighting
• Security
• Entertainment

And the various ways in which these aspects can interact with each other and you (in true ‘Jetsons’ fashion) are:
• Bluetooth (wireless protocol)
• Wi-Fi (wireless protocol)
• Z-Wave (wireless protocol)
• Zigbee (wireless protocol)
• UPB (Universal Powerline Bus, wired protocol)
• Insteon (functions as both wireless and wired protocol)
• Apple Home Kit (wireless protocol)
• Thread (wireless protocol)

This is all you need to know about the technical details of a home automation system for now. But keep your eyes glued to the screen, there is a lot more that you might want to know. So, read on!

Why Is Having the Best Smart Home Automation System So Important?

There is a reason that the medals and the trophies are only for the best in their fields. Anyone and everyone who bothers to show up is rightly not entitled to this honor. You should invest your resources in nothing but the best and that is the right step in the direction of excellence.
When you go for the best smart home automation system, you get the:
• Assurance that you are using the latest technology available in the market for home automation.
• Access to the most efficient protocols being employed for seamless communication with the automation system.
• Virtual assistance by the likes of ‘Alexa’ and others available in the digital marketplace at present.
• Indulging experience of using new-age features such as 1080p live streaming, sizeable cloud storage space, and schedule event-sensitive scenarios.
• The full worth of every penny invested since your updated automation system is guaranteed to serve you well before being obsolete.

Now you know why you should go for only the best when it comes to a home automation system. Do you still want to settle for anything but the best? We don’t think so!

DIY Smart Home Automation System: What to Expect

The unexpected is neither good nor bad. Sometimes it is the incomprehensible middle ground where you don’t know how to react.
That is why it is better to be prepared when embarking on a DIY Smart Home Automation System project. If you know what you are getting into, you can appreciate the good and tackle the trivial issues more effectively.
Read on to familiarize yourself with the realizations that come along with this modern world enigma.

• Nature of Automation

The shiny things available online might prompt you to instantly hop on the automation train.
But it is only after you actually decide to get one for yourself, you realize that the worlds of your desire and utility are miles apart. So you ask them to meet halfway and settle for a smart appliance that adds certain spunk to your living space without being the proverbial white elephant.
You also have the option of automatizing your entire house by making your prime requirement the focus for it. For e.g. if you want a smart security system, you can get one that includes other aspects of your home too in the process of your home automation.

• Networking Vs individual Devices

It is very easy to go overboard with the automation process, especially when you have so many enticing options in the market to choose from. But you need to keep your budget and the actual requirements in mind.
If you are planning on using only a few smart devices then you don’t need a dedicated network for it. You can control all the devices you own with their individual apps and still avail all their benefits without going through a whole lot of trouble.
However, if you realize that this is just the beginning of your futuristic lifestyle then you need to invest in a robust network. Depending upon your own technical savviness, you can opt for a DIY Smart Home Automation System and test the waters.

• Installation Dilemma

People often bite more than they can chew. Don’t be one of them. You very well know how experienced or inexperienced you are at installing a device by yourself.
If the last time you tried to install something by yourself ended up in the next biggest human disaster then you need professional assistance. On the other hand, if people constantly ask for your help in configuring their DIY Smart Home Automation System then you should go for it.
You might belong to the third kind too. These are the ones who insist on indulging in such activities because they have been told that they are too old to play with Legos now. LOL! But if you can finish that Transformers set the same day you bought it then this will be a piece of cake!

• Subscription Fees

So you buy the latest launch of the market. Bring it home and have been using it as a coat rack ever since. Reason? You forgot to factor in the subscription fees.
Now, not every smart device comes with a paid subscription plan. Some are totally free while others include charges for additional fees.
Some others charge even for accessing the data. DIY Smart Home Automation System requires you to know a bit about all these factors before taking that leap of faith.

• Home Network Strength

Most of the automation tools nowadays are synced with WiFi for better performance. This becomes both a boon and curse for you depending on your home network situation.
When your home network is the one from Skynet then you can power the entire earth’s automation systems with it and still watch YouTube videos on HD.
But if it is the same one that Fred Flintstone used then we got a problem. It is imperative that you check the competency level of your domestic network before you start adding your latest buys to it like Christmas tree ornaments.
The best way is to upgrade your home internet connection if it is lacking in crucial departments. And then go on a buying spree and add as many appliances to the set-up as there are stars in the sky!

DIY Smart Home System Benefits

Having a smart home system is akin to having a genie. But instead of only three wishes with dangerous consequences, you get unlimited wishes with total peace of mind!
The full control and knowledge of the appliance throughout the day makes it all the more appealing to the present generation. Let’s take a better look at what you gain with this noteworthy breakthrough.


The extremely helpful WiFi connectivity lets you keep an eye on your home and every activity taking place within it.
You get constant updates on your phone about what is happening there and if you need to be concerned or not.
And it is not just the inside story you get a scoop of. You get to know everything happening around your home which might fall in your concern spectrum. You can tackle the outside sources too with the same ease and breathe easier from then onwards.
The speed and accuracy with which you can respond to the crisis surely make it a reliable partner for your household. The regular updates further help it in being the best version of itself and match the pace with changing times. This means you get only the best of the best when you interact with these future gizmos.


We humans put our comfort above everything else. And when we are handed something which facilitates it, we hold on to it like the last straw in the eye of the tornado.
The DIY Smart Home Automation System is your chance to live a comfortable life like never before.All you need to do is figure out what keeps you up at night (no, not the girl/boy of your dreams, LOL!) and get it automated the following day. It is just that simple.
The reason more and more people are rushing to get their home automatized is that they know that they are put on this earth for better things to worry about. If you are spending all your time and energy worrying about whether you closed the garage door or not, you know you are doing something wrong.

Cost Efficiency

People often view home automation as an indulgence for the rich. But they could not be more wrong about it. The core concept of the DIY Smart Home Automation System is to minimize the expenditure of available resources. In fact, it is the efficiency which drives the smart netizens to include it in their homes.
Instead of focusing on the cost price, what we should focus on is how much we are saving in terms of energy and other bills on a monthly basis. If you think in this way, you would realize that you can redeem the entire price in first few months of usage itself.


Everything becomes better when you customize it. Same is the case with DIY Smart Home Automation System.
No matter how mundane the task is, you are going to enjoy performing it better than ever with a single tap. The scenarios and schedules which you can set for the system are limitless too.
You can give specific guidelines as to how you want certain tasks to be performed and it would be accomplished in no time. You’re also given all the time in the world to give attention to what matters the most to you.
You can rekindle that old hobby of yours or just take those rejuvenating naps to be your cheerful self on a daily basis.


OK, so here is the thing. The DIY Smart Home Automation System is here to stay and you will get on board with it sooner or later.
For once you will realize that it is good to give in to the peer pressure as all your savvy friends have started following this trend in their lives.
You don’t want to be the uninformed one out and should totally give this thing a go. With the hours of the day getting shorter and the task pile getting bigger every passing day, you need a miracle savior.
The Smart Home Automation System does just that for you and rescues you from never-ending chores and home-related concerns.

Automate Everything

The scope of automation is limitless.
You want a warm morning glow waking you up every morning? It can be automated!
Same goes for a starry night view flashing on your ceiling as you sleep the sleep of your dreams.
The possibilities are infinite. There are not many activities left now which you cannot automate one way or the other. And all this makes this the best time to be alive and be able to enjoy the feats of technology for personal comfort.
Right from the moment you reach your driveway, you enter into this automation bubble that takes your stress and worries off for you instantly. In fact, you are always feeling light as a feather with the app control and universal access facility that extends your comfort bubble to wherever you go.
The lighting, air conditioning, cooking, and cleaning; there is nothing that the automation appliances can’t do nowadays.
And they are getting only better with time!

Weigh your Options

Now before you get a hold of your credit card, you need to think it out loud.
What do I want this appliance for? How will it make my life easier? What is the purpose of life? (Oops, wrong question!) What is the purpose of this addition to my household? (Yup, that’s better!)
Treat this purchase as an investment and you will never go wrong. Save the receipts just in case you do!

DIY A Smarter Life

We always want a better life. Better than it was yesterday. Better than it can be tomorrow.
DIY Smart Home Automation System brings you one step closer to this lifelong pursuit. These frameworks keep on learning and adapting to your lifestyle. And soon they know what is best for you even better than you do!
So, start taking good care of yourself by letting the Smart Home Automation System take care of you!
Are you ready to take your lifestyle a notch higher with home automation? Which of the above-listed products do you find most amazing? Let us know in the comments.
Also, tell us what you think about our ultimate guide on DIY Smart Home Automation System.

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