Natural Fibre Rugs: All Essential Details that You Need to Know Now

Nature fibre based rugs have been an absolute favourite with the various home designers for quite a long time now. Those earthy tones, coupled with the relaxed ambience and proven durability on offer, natural rugs go a long way in lifting the aesthetic beauty of any place in no time. Even if you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your residential setups, being manufactured from 100% naturally occurring fibres, this option perfectly checks in the box.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Broadly, there are four types of natural fibre based rugs currently available in the market.

  •       Sisal Rugs
  •           Jute Rugs
  •          Sea Grass Rugs
  •          Coir rugs

So which one works the best for you? We'll discuss in detail shortly but before that, you need to scratch a little to understand the requirements of the place you are going to place a rug in.

It will ultimately decide the one, which is most suitable for your home needs. So, let’s dwell a little further on this.

Understanding the requirements 

There are a lot of things that you might need to factor in while shopping for natural rugs; these include the following:

  •           Where are you planning to place it?
  •           What kind of usage it is going to serve?
  •           Do you have kids and pets at home? And are you going to use the rug as their play area?
  •           Any options that you have already set your mind on?

Following this, you have to consider the traffic in the area where you want to place the rugs, i.e. how busy the area is going to be. For high traffic zones like the living rooms and corridors, we recommend going with the hardwearing and durable options having darker hues, which are reasonably stain-resistant as well.

For the areas like bedrooms and guesthouses, you can safely go for high-end luxurious options, which are soft and lighter in shades.

Fabric types and care tips

       Jute: It is noteworthy to mention that the jute fibre used for making rugs comes from the stalk of the plant instead of the leaves. This makes the resultant fabric unbelievably soft to touch and feel.

Usage: Due to a highly soft texture, we recommend the jute fabric rugs only for the low and medium traffic zones of your homes

Cleaning tips: Regular vacuuming is essential to keep the rug in good shape for a long time to come. Also, any spills should be treated immediately to avoid staining.

2    Sisal: Sisal fabric is derived from the Sisal plant and is highly durable.

Usage: This natural rug is highly suitable for the zones that are constantly high on traffic. Sisal rugs are comparatively coarse to walk barefoot too, so avoid in kids and pet zones.

Cleaning tips: Regular vacuum cleaning and act fast on spills.

3    Sea Grass: It is grown in saltwater marshes and comes in a plethora of options.

Usage: Softer than sisal, it is stain resistant to a great extent. It can look great for kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleaning tips: Vacuuming regularly is enough to take care of the cleaning needs.

Make a viable choice that not only complements your interiors but serves the functional use too. Do visit Floorspace for best rugs.

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