Here Are Your Rights as a Home Builder in Australia

Being a house builder is one of the noblest professions out there. These workers have the most dangerous jobs as they face a lot of hazards on a daily basis, whenever they go and build houses that are homes for those who live in it. These workers can also do painting jobs that adds color to these houses. But in doing these tasks, these workers face real hazards such as danger from falling, getting injured because of the machinery being used, getting struck by construction equipment, electrocution, and inhaling silica dust and asbestos that are dangerous for these worker’s health. That is why it is important to look after the rights of a house builder, but what are their rights in the first place?

Right against Workplace Discrimination

All workers in Australia have the right to be protected against undermining and unlawful workplace issues such as discrimination and harassment, among many more. That is why their employers must make sure that there is mutual respect for everybody in the workplace. More than that, managers of these employers must make sure that offenders or doers of such discriminatory acts be held accountable for their discriminative actions. They must also put in place measures that will prevent these acts of discrimination from happening.

Right to Receive the Right Wages

These acreage home builders at times risk their limbs and lives whenever they go out to work. That is why employers must make sure that the sacrifices that these people take are appreciated and the workers, properly compensated. For one, the workers should at least receive the legislated minimum wages on their particular state. More than that, employees who work for hours beyond the required time should be given additional compensation that is equivalent to the work they have put in. For non-working holidays where they need to render work, they also have to be paid the required additional salary for rendering work on these holidays. In the end, well-paid workers are happy and productive workers. That is why employers should strive and make it a point to give the federal and state government wages.

Right to Receive Benefits

Given the dangers that come with being in the construction industry, acreage home builders should also be extended benefits that they deserve. While the benefits that employees should be receiving depends on what particular state they are living in. One could go and search the internet for available information about these benefits or go and ask a labor and employment attorney that are aware of what these laws are and how these laws affect you.

Right to a Safe Workplace

It is a must for construction employers to ensure that the workplace of their employees is safe. Given the dangers that these workers face every day, people in the construction industry should be made aware of the standards, rules, regulations, as well as requirements that they need to adhere to and follow. These help ensure one’s safety and prevent accidents in the workplace that may further put their lives in danger.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous fields that a person can work in. With house builders braving such hazards on a daily basis, employers should at least try to lessen the dangers that they have to face to make them better, more productive employees away from construction accidents.

If you are a house builder in Sydney, you should be mindful of your rights as a worker so your employer cannot take advantage of you. In case you are an employer in the construction industry, it is your duty to protect and preserve the rights of your workers in order to provide them with best working experience in exchange of better business growth.

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