Anna Hutchison Net Worth 2023

 Anna Hutchison is a famous actress from New Zealand. We can see it in many important projects. After the role in the Shortland Street series, he became famous and increased fame and wealth. Also, he is known for the Spartacus TV series: a damned war. With a much more different role, Hutchinson will be an important name in the acting industry. 

Continue reading our text, and you will learn a lot of detail about life, career, and income. 

Early Life 

Anna Hutchinson was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 8, 1986. Like many celebrities, Anna also did not want to reveal the facts about the names of their parents. Also, he looked after his brothers as a secret, the same as his educational background. 

However, it was known that he was interested in acting since his childhood. Also, Anna showed talent, and when she was 16 years old, she had become an actress.  

Professional Career

Interestingly, Anna's first role was in the Opera Shortland Street soap where she played the role of Delphi Greenlaw. After that, he continued with the role of television in the Orange Series series and Wendy Wu film: Homecoming Warrior. Then, he participated in several projects that did not have a lot of success, but soon after, he was described in the Jungle Fury Power Rangers. The TV series brings fame and more work deals. 

In the series down series, he was described in 13 episodes. Immediately after, he was part of the Go Girl series, which was a project provided. Anna continued her career with projects such as wild boys, cabins in the forest, Spartacus, and anger management. 

After various roles in the series, he focused on a film career. Together with Cary Elwes, Melora Walters, and Jason Mamoa, he starred in the film Sugar Mountain. In addition, he is part of a film like a mask, don't lie, clean the kingdom, meeting, revenge: love story, and start love. 

Personal Career

In 2008, Anna was dating her colleague Jason Smith, but their relationship was unsuccessful, when they broke up soon after. 

At present, Anna is married to producer Mike Gillespie. The wedding ceremony was held in 2018.

Anna Hutchison Net Worth 2020

As you can see from our article, Anna has many roles that bring fame and money. Anna Hutchinson's net wealth in 2020 was estimated at $ 2 million. The amount is impressive, and we can hope it will be much higher.

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