Juan Pablo Galavis Net Worth 2023

 39 years old Juan Pablo Galavis was looking for love in all the wrong places. Pro soccer players turned father in 2009 leaving his successful career in sports to raise his daughter. Galava was born in Ithaca New York. His family revoked and moved back to their origins in Venezuela. As a teenager Juan moved back to America to play campus soccer (football) for Roberts Wesleyan College in North Chile New York. He has a small career in the world of professional sports but nothing is main. He got $ 1 million from his athletic career and was worth $ 1.2 million in 2013.

Juan Pablo really never happened until he struggled for the heart of a white woman who was broken hearted wanted Hartsock. He was eliminated during episode 6 and as a result a favorite fan was maintained by millions of women who protested his dismissal. Viewers fell in love with the accent and his physical personality. After the last episode of Bachelorette was announced that Juan would become a new bachelor. January 2014 he will distribute roses and solve 25 hearts again. His daughter is 4 years old Camila. He is currently looking to settle and have two more children.

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