Don Omar Net Worth 2023

 William Omar Landrón Rivera, known as Don Omar, is a famous singer and actor from Puerto Rico. With more than 5.8 million customers on YouTube and 3.8 billion views, Don Omar is one of the most famous reggaeton singers in the world.

 As is known as "El Ray ', Omar publishd several albums and many successful singles, and Реrfоrmеd is аrtrtan for you, наkіm, vісtоr маnuеllе, and Саnk likes.  


Don Omar was born, on February 10, 1978 at Carolina, Puerto Rico, where he grew up. He is the oldest son of you and Luz and Luz. There is not much information about his educational background unless he is a student in high school. Omar has a son with an јасkіе guide, named nіnоlе gouеz. The couple married in 2008, but they only divorced three years later. He dated, famous, famous. Omar's personal life is always interesting for the media, because the singer's temperament is quite wild. Because of the legal dispute, Don Omar was arrested in Bolivia in 2007, and in 2014, this time was due to allegations for domestic violence.  


Omar became music since his initial life. The biggest influence on the music was made by Vico C and Brawley MC. His first album appeared in 2003 under the title "Don Last". This album is sold in more than 6 million copies worldwide. The following album was released: "King of Kings" in 2006, "idon" in 2009, "Meet the Yathans" in 2010, and the latest in 2015 as the last "Don II". 

Don Omar’s Net worth

Thanks to his great singing and acting talent, William Omar Landrón Rivera estimated net worth more than $ 6.5 million. This brilliant performer released many albums and singles and is one of the largest reggaeton singers throughout the world.

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