Porsha Williams Net Worth 2023

 When Atlanta star Porcha Stewart signed Season 5, more than 3 million viewers fell in love with a real housewife. Unfortunately, the failure to marry former soccer player Kordell Stewart also appeared in the series. By the time the conference program aired, the divorce was in progress. The divorce attracted media attention, so the Atlanta Porsha housewife producer provided nearly $ 500,000 to return to Season 6. The salary includes a $ 100,000 check for a reunion presentation taken in February. In addition to her raise, her husband Cordell received $ 50,000 to appear in various episodes to "explain" his side of the story. Yes, this show definitely makes a lot of money to throw it away!

Porsha Williams is from a fairly wealthy family, but her husband Cordell had even more cash. Cordell was the Steelers quarterback ahead of Ben Roethlisberger. Before he married Porsha, he had just earned $ 5 million a year, equivalent to $ 27 million. Cordell received a $ 7 million contract from the Steelers in 2002, as well as an approval contract of nearly $ 4 million before leaving the league. Cordell is still profitable as a sports analyst and host of various networks and radio stations. He earned a lot of cash but didn't sign his marriage to Porsha, so the court ordered him to pay $ 5,000 a month. However, if you receive an increase at Real House Wives in Atlanta, these payments may stop.The Porsha family has a history of civil rights movements. His grandfather, Hosea Williams, was a city council member and storyteller in Atlanta. Before he died in 2000, he founded a foundation to provide food to homeless people in Atlanta. you. Ludacris is one of the many celebrities who donated to Hosea Feed the Hungry.

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