Selma Blair Net Worth 2023

 The popular film and the TV, Selma Blair, is not like most celebrities because it prefers to stay more anonymous when it comes to privacy. Unfortunately, these days, there is a lot of information about it, because of its newly discovered disease, multiple sclerosis.

 Actress Selma Blair Beitner was born in Southfield, Michigan, in 1972. When she was younger, she did not like her name, so she preferred to be called Blair instead of Selma. She has a degree in photography she has had at the University of Michigan. Selma started his career in photography in New York, but after a while, she started visiting some classes of actors at Stella Adler Conservatory and Stonstreet Studios. Her husband is a son of the famous Frank Zappa, Ahmet. Two of them are married from 2004.  Blair has a rich career in movies and television series. Some of the most popular films where she had a 2, legally blonde, Hellboy, dark horse, after and many others. Of the television series, the most popular she has participated are promised land, friends, web therapies, another life and a course outside the course, the great theory and management of the anger. When the harassment scandal with Harvey Weinstein came out, she also spoke of all the unpleasant situations she had experienced during her interim career. She said she knew the same harassment of the film director, James Tobback as many other women in Weinstein. After his speech on the harassment of totaback, more than 200 women joined her with the same story. As of 2018, it has a difficult time in its life because it is diagnosed with autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, which is a condition where your muscles, your brains and your spinal cord stop to work properly. She discovered that she had this disease, the doctors told her that she has been dealing with multiple sclerosis for more than 15 years.

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