Where to put your money & what to invest in? Guide 2023?

Are you holding onto cash, unsure of where to deploy it? You're not alone! Many face the dilemma of finding profitable and low-cost investments, often stumbling upon unprofitable bank options. Let's unravel the mystery of where to put your money in 2023. But first, let's navigate through what to avoid.


Forget Your Bank

Universal banks rarely house the best investment opportunities. Even online banks, with a few exceptions, offer standardized products, exploiting a captive audience with increasing fees. For optimal life insurance, turn to pure life insurance providers. The same applies to securities accounts or SCPIs, as detailed later in this article.

Steer Clear of Scams and Speculative Ventures

Investment trends evolve; today it's cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the spotlight. Yet, these options are highly speculative and uncertain. While risking a fraction of your money is an option, it's not the foundation for building a solid long-term financial legacy.

Align Investments with Your Objectives

Understanding that each investment serves different goals is crucial. For maximum profitability, consider the stock market. If you seek more modest but regular income, real estate is a solid choice. For short-term or risk-free placements, explore alternative solutions.

Stock Market Investment Strategies

Over the long term, the stock market reigns as the best-performing investment, offering potential returns of 8% to 9% per year. Contrary to popular belief, it's accessible to everyone and requires no specialized knowledge. Your money isn't locked, and recovery takes mere seconds. Opt for a PEA account for stock market investments, enjoying tax exemption after five years of ownership.

Why PEA?

The PEA account stands out due to its tax advantages, providing complete exemption after five years of ownership.

ETFs: A Smart Investment Within Your PEA

Consider investing in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) within your PEA. These funds, listed on the stock exchange, replicate market indices with minimal fees.

In conclusion, navigating the investment landscape demands thoughtful consideration aligned with your financial objectives. The stock market, with the strategic use of PEAs and ETFs, emerges as a potent avenue for wealth growth.


1. Can anyone invest in the stock market, or is it reserved for experts?

The stock market is accessible to everyone, requiring no specialized knowledge.

2. Why choose a PEA for stock market investments?

PEAs offer tax advantages, becoming completely exempt after five years of ownership.

3. What are ETFs, and why are they recommended?

ETFs are Exchange-Traded Funds, low-fee investment funds replicating stock market indices.

4. Are cryptocurrencies and NFTs advisable for long-term investments?

While they might offer short-term gains, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are highly speculative for long-term wealth building.

5. How can I explore alternative solutions for short-term or risk-free investments?

Diversify by exploring various investment options based on your risk tolerance and time horizon.

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