Best Smart Shower System Reviews

After 8 hours of exhaustive research on 6 of the best smart shower systems on the market, we found out that the Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller emerges as the best of the best. Wifi connectivity, 12 preset control options and amazing water conservation capabilities of this shower system are the most amazing features of the Moen U, which you just can’t afford to miss!
Best Smart Shower System
Lets now go ahead and explore everything about what a shower system is, their types and the criteria you need to consider before making a purchase.

What is a Smart Shower System?

There are few things in life as fulfilling as taking a shower after a long day at work. Well, smart shower systems just add on to the conveniences.
Built with sensor technology and integrating artificial intelligence, a smart shower system will precisely know the water temperature you would like and the timing of your shower, while minimizing WATER WASTAGE and contributing to the cause of the environment.
The latest addition to home automation systems, they are getting popular among environment-conscious homeowners across the globe.
We all are aware of the moment – we turn on the shower and we always wait a little longer for the water to be hot enough! Meanwhile, we start our regular routine – answering emails, doing small chores, and the water eventually gets too hot to handle.
There’s a lot of behavioral waste and studies suggest that 20% of the shower time is essentially lost always. The water loss is an estimated 2.5 gallons for every minute with standard shower heads. Most of the energy-rich and treated water runs down the drain. It’s a waste of both water and energy.
Water Wastage
However, with smart shower systems, all of this is beautifully taken care of. What’s more is that you go on to avoid high water and electricity bills while becoming a green citizen.

Automated Shower System: What does it have to offer?

One of the first steps to a greener environment is making small changes in your lifestyle. Smart shower systems are among the most sustainable technologies that remove the friction and complexity of use.There are a number of reasons why you should think of investing in a smart shower system:
Water Savings
A smart shower system would be centered on minimal water wastage. An average American family will use about 40 gallons of water every day and this amounts to a total of 1.2 trillion gallons coming through shower heads across the United States. Well, 200 billion gallons of it is wasted!
Cost Saving
A smart shower system would keep a hawk’s eye on your energy consumption. Optimum use of energy for your shower activities will automatically result in lower electricity and water bills. The extra money you would have invested in a smart shower system would eventually be won back in the longer run.
Apart from saving water and energy, a smart shower system would be highly convenient. You don’t need to turn on switches, you won’t need to adjust the flow, you won’t need to worry about the water temperature and you will have the best bath! Built using sensor technologies, these gadgets are highly interactive, easy to control and mostly automated.
Looks Great
Lastly, smart shower systems come in a variety of futuristic designs and will convert your bathroom into a lovely personal space. A smart shower system would be capable of adding a classy touch to your bathroom ambiance.

Top 6 Smart Shower Systems in 2018

You’re absolutely spoiled for choices when it comes to smart shower systems. Depending on your needs and budget, there is an extensive mix of technologies that you can go for. Here are some of the best ones on the market:

1. Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller

The FIRST EVER Wi-Fi connected shower technology, the Moen U integrates smart temperature control, timers and also an app for it!
The technology behind the product is pretty cool and highly futuristic. Along with the shower head comes a digital valve that needs to be fixed on the wall to interact/coordinate with the shower.
There are a lot of modes integrated into the product to give you the most fulfilling bathing experience. In simple terms, you can pre-time your morning shower, walk yourself to the bathroom and it turns on automatically as soon as it senses your presence!
Main Features
WiFi controlled: The U from Moen can be controlled via an app or through the digital panel installed in the bathroom. There is a number of connectivity options present in the market for the smart appliances. The most popular of them is surely the Wi-Fi. You get that total and highly responsive control over any given device with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.
So the Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller surely makes the entire shower process highly simple for you. You can make the required changes in temperature, timing and other factors directly through the app or the mounted control panel anytime.
Lots of controls: You get 12 different presets for temperature, pressure and greeting messages.
Saves water: Depending on the pre-set time, the shower will automatically turn off to save water. This is when your bath ends too. You can always start it again but this goes on to save a lot of water. Water bill is sky-high during summers and even in winters, it is not such a relief. You need improved methods to cut back on your water consumption without making huge sacrifices in relation to your lifestyle. So the best way to deal with this widespread problem is by getting this smart shower system.
You will be able to make the required changes without affecting your usual shower routine greatly. You don’t even have to instruct your whole family about the many ways to use water sparingly throughout the day. This exceptional controller will take care of it all for you.
Shower feedback: Every time you would have taken a bath, you know how much water and electricity was used in the process. This promotes responsible shower sessions. How great it would be if you can have a feedback column to know about the total water and electricity consumption every single time you shower! Will this smart controller, you finally get that freedom. The many ways in which you are unknowingly wasting the available resources will be smarty pointed by this feature.
You can make the required changes easily once you know how much and where you need to improve your habits. This way you will become a responsible and smart citizen without making any drastic change in your daily life.
Installation: The Moen U comes with digital brackets that offer easy installation. The digital valve (sold separately) can consequently connect via a waterproof cable to complete the setup.

2. H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

It’s not unusual to like singing under the shower – most of us turn artists in the bathroom! Well, the H2oVibeis aimed at turning your shower experience into dancing and singing under a rain!
H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
Integrated with Bluetooth wireless speakers, you can listen to your favorite songs and even take up calls, supported by dual microphones. While the product offers a “three times” more powerful spray than traditional showerheads, it also allows the perfect control to the amount of water you are using.
This product is certainly among the few models that have dared to step into the realms of speaker showers in the market.
Main Features
Design – An eye candy for sure, the H2oVibe looks like a chandelier centerpiece. The metallic and glossy finish offers a classic feel. Further, the nozzles of the shower have been designed to radiate upwards to bring in a contemporary appeal. Slim and futuristic, it’s a perfect scheme for modern bathrooms.
Shower Pressure – Around 80 psi, the shower feels like a soothing massage and is perfect for relaxation and heat retention.
Wireless connectivity – Compatible with any Bluetooth device at a range of 33 feet, you can easily complement your bath time with soothing music or whatever the kind you like!
There are a lot of distractions keeping you engaged throughout the day. You definitely don’t want your bath time to be crowded by those minor troubles. That is why you will really appreciate the Bluetooth connectivity that comes along with this shower head.
Stay Connected Through and Through
This makes it extremely easy for you take bath without worrying about everything else that is happening in your world at that moment. You can immerse yourself in the soulful music as the waterdrops wash away all your stress of yesterday! Noise cancellation add-ons really amplify the effect of the crystal clear music during this time.
Further, you can even pick up calls and won’t have to rush out of the bathroom to not miss something important. Noise cancellation works well to help you with a clear conversation.
Installation – At 1.1 pounds, it’s easy to mount. You might have the best appliance in the market but if it is a chore to install then you will not be using it anytime soon. First of all, you would try to install it by yourself. And only after many failed attempts you will be asking for the professional help.
You won’t be facing any of those troubles with this showerhead. You just need to follow a couple of steps mentioned in the manual. And you will be able to get it up and running in no time. The maintenance and replacement process for this shower system is equally simple.

3. DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower Head

If you have always wanted to make your shower time a little more dramatic and jazzy, this is the perfect product. Fitted with color-changing LEDs, this shower will turn your bathroom floor into a dance disc!
DreamSpa All Chrome Digital Shower Temperature Control
What’s even more interesting is that the colors change according to the water temperature. Bring in the rain dance!
Main Features
5 pressure settings – Choose from Hydro-Mist, Water Saving, Power Rain, Economy Rain and Pulsating Massage. Your mood changes every other day and now so can your shower setting! Thanks to the DreamSpa LED Shower Head, you can finally pick your choice without wasting too much time or efforts on it. From now on, just activate the ‘Water Saving’ setting when you feel like making some savings during your shower time.
Switch to the ‘Pulsating Massage’ for having that rejuvenating shower after that long and tiring day. Mix it up with the ‘Hydro-Mist’ when you are in the mood for something new and refreshing during your shower. Keep the ‘Power Rain’ and the ‘Economy Rain’ settings as the alternatives for different days of the week.
Changing colors – The LED colors keep changing along with the modes and water temperature. Further, you don’t need a battery for the LEDs – they derive power from the running water! How can you make your shower time all the more colorful? Simple, just add more colors to it! Well, with the DreamSpa LED Shower Head you don’t even have to worry about that. All you need to do is turn on the shower and this amazing smart shower system will take care of the rest.
The color of the running water is basically decided by the temperature. So be ready to shower in a new color every other day with minor tweaks to your water temperature. The considerable amount of electricity is also saved since the LED for changing colors derive its power completely from the running water.
Easy to use – Integrated Click-Action lever for easy controls. We love simple and easy things in our home and in life. Let the complications be limited to the arithmetic textbooks only. If you belong to the same school of thoughts then you would really admire this shower system. With the Click-Action lever, you can control all the features at just one point.
Whether it is the temperatures, speed of water or other settings, they can all be controlled by this single lever. You will never have to fiddle with all the nooks and crannies of your shower head if you get this one installed right away!
Installation – Tools free installation that is doable for anyone.

4. WaterHawk 6″ Smart Rain Shower Head

The WaterHawk aims to monitor your water usage while offering a ‘cool’ bathing experience. Powered by the flowing water itself, the LEDs change color when the temperature of water changes according to your requirements.
WaterHawk 6 inch Smart Rain Shower Head
The temperature and water usage are indicated on the shower head itself such that you know when to stop and how much to use.
Main Features
Real-time feedback: Displays the precise real-time water temperature and usage in gallons per minute. We are always rushing through life. That is why most of us don’t have time to explore all the feedbacks that we have to give or are given. We just manage the bare minimum and get rid of them to move on to the next important thing.
That is why you need a real-time feedback on your smart shower. None of us are going to wait around or even bother to open the feedback report later on. The real-time feedback helps us save our precious time. And since we are there for a while, we don’t mind paying attention to the computed feedback either.
Battery-free: LED display is powered by the running water. First came the non-rechargeable batteries and then the chargeable ones. The problem has diminished a lot but it is still there. We are worried about the level of our batteries and cannot wait to charge it once it is below the accepted limits.
You really need to have a good battery backup to enjoy the best performance of any given device. Thankfully, you don’t have to face that trouble with this shower. It works with the energy derived from the running water. So just enjoy the amazing shower and leave all the worries behind.
Easy presets: Depending on your use, you can preset the water temperature and show time to meet your expected water billing limits. Sometimes you have enough spare time to finish a simple task before moving on to the next big one. At one of these moments, you can easily preset your shower. It is actually that easy that you can finish the presetting task between various chores.
Just navigate the control panel to adjust the temperature, color and various other factors that are not according to your liking at the moment. This smart shower makes it so easy for you to have the kind of shower you wish to have no extra efforts.
Installation: Easy installation without extra tools.

5. KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Shower Head and Wireless Speakers

Kohler is one of the biggest and most popular manufacturers of home appliances globally. It’s K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead is probably its smartest addition to bathroom appliances.
KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Smart Shower Head
The primary aim of the product is to make your bath time more fun by integrating wireless music streaming capabilities. You can buy a set of wireless speakers separately and pop them into the showerhead to stream your favorite music from all Bluetooth compatible devices.
You feel the real sense of convenience when you can easily detach the pop-in speakers to recharge or to use them for music somewhere else.
Main Features
Water saving design: Offers between 2.0 GPM and 2.5 GPM spray to minimize water wastage. Most of the smart showers today come with the water saving facility. You can just press a button here or tap on a setting there and you will be enjoying a sustainable shower experience in no time. But this shower takes things to the next level.
Now, the design of the shower can also play a great role in minimizing the overall water expenditure. This shower has been designed in a way to provide the 2.0 GPM and 2.5 GPM range of water sprays. Your shower experience is not compromised greatly in this manner.
Pop in speakers: Sold separately, you can just pop in the showerhead speaker for a musical experience. They come in a wide range of color choices. Sometimes you are in the mood to listen to music along with. And sometimes you like to enjoy total silence. And that is why you have the option of getting the pop-in speaker of your choice along with this showerhead. Get them in the color and the range that you would like.
When you want to use them, just pop them in with the shower system. And when you don’t, just let them be kept aside. And you get the freedom to enjoy your shower as you would like in this manner. There is a lot that you can accomplish with the smart showers on a daily basis.
Installation: Easy to install and takes only minutes. You will find this shower system to be more of the DIY variety. You just need to take them out of the box and mount them at the desired position. With a few timely fixtures, you will have your smart shower ready in no time.
It is equally easy to take it down and replace it too. You just need to follow a couple of steps. And you can easily switch it to a new location as and when you see fit. This way, their won’t be any trouble that you will be facing while getting it up and running at your place.
Finish: The Moxie comes in polished chrome and can be a great addition to any modern shower room.

6. Bidet4me Msh-10 Music Shower Head

Have you always wanted to turn your shower time into a musical experience? The Bidet4me Msh-10 Music Showerhead does just that and with great clarity!
Bidet4me msh-10
Integrated with the latest Bluetooth technology, the shower speakers offer high-quality audio reproduction with background noise cancellation. It will be convenient to connect any device with Bluetooth capability to play your favorite music.
Further, the shower speakers also allow you to take up calls such that you don’t miss and mess up! All it requires is pushing a waterproof button.
Main Features
High-quality audio: Superior background noise cancellation technology and high-quality audio for great music and clear voice calls. The manufacturers have placed extra attention with the audio detailing of this product. You get the exceptionally rare and useful noise canceling feature with this one. This way you will have no problem listening to your favorite shower time song in the crystal clear audio quality.
You will also be able to enjoy the same level of crispness with the calls. When you attend a call via this mode then you will enjoy that elusive clear communication channel. So leave back all the worries of missing out on important calls while thinking of taking a shower!
USB charging: Easy waterproof USB charging cable that will power your musical shower for up to 8 hours of continuous playback. You don’t want to be one of those people who have to charge the devices way longer than they actually get to use it. The speed charging facility of this shower lets you charge it with utmost ease. You can just plug in the waterproof cable.
And when you feel that it is fully charged, just keep it back. And enjoy the non-stop music during your showers for as much as 8 full hours. This way, you will never have to suffer the turmoils of a low battery shower system. It is so quick and easy to charge that you can do so anytime!
Installation: At just 1.5 pounds, it offers easy self-installation that doesn’t require extra tools for the job. Just plug in and play!
Water saving design: With a flow rate of just 2.5 GPM, you can save up to 30% of water without compromising on the shower experience.
Futuristic design: Circular in shape and chrome coated, this would be a perfect addition to any modern shower room.
Cost saving: Optimum use of energy for your shower activities will automatically result in lower electricity and water bills. The extra money you would have invested in a smart shower system would eventually be won back in the longer run.
Few of the people take the smart home upgrade to be a costly affair. But that is hardly the case. You get to minimise your monthly expenditure on water and electricity with the help of smart shower systems. They are known to be one of the best methods to cut back on the water bill if you have been struggling with this problem for quite some time.
You can also earn back all the invested money on this upgrade in a matter of few years. So eventually, you end up saving a lot more than you initially spent. This way, it will ultimately turn out to be an intelligent and environmentally conscious investment on your part.

Types of Smart Shower Heads

Smart shower heads are starkly different from the traditional shower heads we have been using. They aim to cut water wastage by integrating a huge number of technology-enabled controls. Depending on your choices and requirement, they also come equipped with a variety of features. Some of the most popular smart shower heads include:

Hydrao Smart Shower:

Launched in 2016, Hydrao smart shower heads feature a low flow design and integrate sensor technology to control the flow of water and temperature. The showerhead also displays precise real-time feedback on the amount of water and energy you are using per shower.
None of us want to waste the water. We all are scared of the sky-high water bill almost as much as the next person. Still, we get into the same trouble time after time. Well, with the latest Hydrao Smart Shower, things will start getting a whole lot simpler.

Easy To Use

How great it would be if we had a constant reminder that will stop us when we are unknowingly wasting the resources! With this showerhead, you definitely get one. It changes the color as you reach higher on the acceptable water limits.
So, if you see the change in color, you can plan the remaining bath accordingly so that you don’t end up wasting a whole lot of water yet again. You can make good use of this LED indicator during the shower process when we do end up wasting tons of water otherwise.

Precision and Control

It comes with its very own app too known as the Hydrao app. There you can make all the customizations according to your showering needs. You can set the limit that you want to maintain with every shower. Incorporate the Amazon Alexa too in this since you can get easy integration.
This Bluetooth-connected system has the LED light range of green to blue to purple and finally red. So when the LED is green, you can relax since you are still within the water conscious usage bracket. It would be best if you can keep it well within this range for most of your showers.
Otherwise, the LED will turn blue to give you a nudge. If you are still not done then you need to finish your shower time before it turns purple. You don’t want to be that wasteful on any given day.

Eva Smart Shower:

Eva is primarily a smart device that you can place between your shower head and inlet pipe to control the water flow and temperature. It integrates proximity sensors and a water valve that ensures that the shower is only on when someone is underneath it.
As soon as you step away, the shower automatically stops, thus saving water. Eva aims to save as much as 50% of water during showers.

Total Control

Sometimes you want a smart shower system rather than an elaborate one. After working like anything all day at your workplace, you want a showerhead that just gets your showering needs. An extensive network of sensors is present all over the Eva Smart Shower.
And it lets the system know how to make the showering experience as per your requirements. The temperature sensor will maintain the water just at the desired temperature for you as long as you are in the shower. The speed of water also varies according to your distance from the showerhead.
This way you don’t have to worry about every single detail when you just want to enjoy a refreshing bath. You can just focus on unwinding like never before. The smart shower will take care of the rest for you without troubling you a bit about it.

Saving Water At Every Turn

This brand claims that it can reduce your total water consumption by half without any deterioration in the overall experience. This way you will be able to earn back the entire payment very soon. You also get to use it as much as you want since it works with the very affordable and easily available 9V battery.
It has a very affordable price tag and if you are ordering from Amazon then you can cut back on the price even further. Today, you will find it to be compatible with over 90 percent of the showerheads present in the market.
You will really appreciate the way it saves the water. It cuts back on the water consumption when you are not using the water much anyway. Your distance from the showerhead helps it to save the water when you are least using it.

SmarTap Smart Shower:

SmarTap technology connects your shower to an app and helps you monitor and limit your water usage and energy consumption. Using the SmarTap app, you can also control your water temperature, flow rate, pressure and even time your showers.
SmarTap ensures that the shower will never be too hot nor does any water gets drained down unnecessarily. You wish to own a shower system that is good to look at and great at its functioning too. You get the best of both worlds with the ultimate SmarTap Smart Shower. It has been known to be one of the most stylish and efficient shower systems according to the latest polls.

Customized Usage

First of all, it focusses on you and how you like to take a shower on a number of days. After getting sufficient intel on this, it will come up with its own intelligent routine to make sure that the water and electricity are used up in the most optimized way.
You will always get to enjoy that luxurious bath for which this system is famous. But, you will also get to save a lot on your monthly bills without even realizing it. Each shower experience is designed in a way to match your preferences in the best way possible.

Analyze and Conserve

There are a number of ways to control the various aspects of this shower. You can either control all of them manually if you have the time and patience for it. Or you can take the help of Amazon Echo to make all the changes as per your specifications.
You will find this exceptionally helpful as you just have to give voice commands for the various activities.When you are at home, this is the best way to schedule and program your upcoming showers.However, you might want to use the smart app as you get farther from the home range.
Then you can just access the app and see your past reports. The amount of water consumed, electricity consumption, total duration, preferred temperature and many other pieces of information will be present there to help you make the right kind of changes.

Which is the Best Smart Shower System?

Smart shower systems aim to make our life more convenient while promoting the optimum utilization of resources.  The ideal smart shower system should be able to understand our requirement, have automatic controls to adjust to the user needs and lastly, offer a unique shower experience.
The first things you should be looking for is the resource conservation capabilities of a smart shower. They not only help you cut costs but also contribute to the higher cause of the environment. Music and lighting capabilities are secondary needs when it comes to smart showers.
Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller

Quite evidently, the Moen U Shower Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller boasts of all the qualities of the ‘best smart shower system’ that are mentioned above.
Which one did u find fit for yourself? Let us know in the comments if you think we missed any of the smart shower heads/systems in this review article.
Know a friend or relative who’s looking for a better showering experience? They will definitely appreciate you for sharing this article with them!

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