A Thermostat with Remote Sensor lets you sense the magic!

Do you like that ‘Hot N Cold’ number by Katy Perry?
Yeah? Me too!
It used to play in my brain’s gramophone while I would be sitting in my ‘hot and cold’ room. At one corner it will be the frigid Alps. And on the other, sizzling Florida in summers. Just brutal!
Remote Sensor Thermostat
You get what I am talking about, right? I could literally feel my body entering from one climatic zone to another within my microscopic studio apartment.
I finally understood what my high-school geography teacher meant by ‘micro-climate’ after almost a decade!
But then I got hold of this fine Thermostat with Remote Sensor. And my whole life changed forever!
Don’t believe me? Yeah, me neither!
I mean, could the above line be any more cliché? Someone check with Chandler Bing!
Dear readers, you deserve better. You go ahead and dive into the abyss of the internet to get more confused, sorry, enlightened. I neither have the time nor the patience for that. But do keep me posted guys.
All I care about is to know why I should switch to a Thermostat with Remote Sensor. And what are my best options in the same category at present? Let me just get the important facts from the rest of this article. And I will be done with this matter at hand, once and for all.
Until then, everybody hush!
I am trying to be more informed here in a microsecond, people!

Remote Sensor Thermostat Over Remote ControlThermostat: Why to Make the Switch?

Ah, the golden question!
“Why to fix something when it is not yet broken?”
As valid as this question is, sometimes you feel like making your life better. Even if you are having the ‘best days of my life’ moment like a certain Bryan Adams in the Summer of 69.
You would realize that it is more about updating yourself than keeping up with the rest of the world.The same realization will occur with Remote Sensor Thermostat.
Technology when used right can drastically improve your daily life. Let’s discover how Remote Sensor Thermostat can have the same impact for you.
Remote Sensor Thermostats vs Remote Control Thermostats

Uniform Temperature Throughout

The worst offender of thermostat troubles is the uneven temperature within the same area. But all that is a thing of past as now we have these highly responsive remote sensors.
Your thermostat will be able to detect exactly which room of your home is too hot or too cold for you. And you won’t have to freeze or get roasted in silence ever again.

Automatic Temperature Control

These remote sensors are termed smart for a reason. They have the technological edge to detect your presence and absence without even making a single sound.
Thermostat With Remote Sensor
And that makes your life all the more comfortable. Since you don’t have to constantly adjust your thermostat temperature setting everytime you come in or go out.

Convenient App Support

There is an app for everything nowadays. So you have got one for these remote sensors too.
And you are going to be glad about this feature, particularly on your lazy days. And let’s face it, every day is a lazy day as long as we have a technological support for our laziness.
So update the temperature setting for the entire week from your cozy bed with this smart app. And go back to sleep! Its software is smart enough to take care of the rest.

Lower Energy Bills

If we could have it our way, we would pay for everything with smiles, happily. But, the smile currency has a long way to go before it attains the same credibility as enjoyed by the bitcoin.
Till then, let’s invest in smart power saving gadgets like this one and cut back on our energy bills.
Remote Sensor Thermostat Features
Some of these products have been reported to slash your energy bills by 23%. Thus, in a matter of few months you get every penny you invested back and reap the interest for a lifetime.
Are you ready to make the switch to remote sensor thermostats yet? If yes, then good for you. If no, then start from the top again!

Top Three Picks of Today in Thermostat with Remote Sensor Category

The magic number, in this case, is three!
Yup, top three is all you get here and that is all you need.
Read on to know what makes them best for you and everyone else around you.

1. Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor

Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor

 Main Features

  • It is the first smart thermostat in the world to be home-kit enabled.
  • Comes with a sleek and shiny touchscreen display.
  • There is no hidden monthly subscription charge to it.
  • The resourceful mobile app lets you remotely control the domestic temperature setting.
  • Offers lives weather forecasts and free software upgrades too.


  • Smartly controls the home’s HVAC system to offer you maximum comfort.
  • Control its function with your voice thanks to Amazon Alexa.
  • Uses a mix of saved data, outside weather and your preferences to automatically set the temperature.
  • Senses when you are at home or not to power the cooling and heating devices accordingly.
  • Cuts back almost up to 23% on energy bills according to recent users.


  • This version requires additional humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators to work well.
  • The temperature is reported higher than usual, according to a few customers.
  • Some people are facing the overheating issue with the room sensors.

2. Honeywell C7189U1005 White Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor For Th7000 and Th8000 Thermostats

Honeywell C7189U1005 White Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor For Th7000 and Th8000 Thermostats

Main Features

  • Control your thermostat remotely with this amazing creation.
  • Highly compatible with most thermostat models available in the market.
  • It comes with a detailed instruction manual for proper installation.
  • The body is lightweight and highly portable.
  • Being battery powered, it does not burden your overworked power network.


  • You don’t need to field calibrate it since it is factory calibrated.
  • The petite body makes it a perfect fit for rooms of various sizes.
  • Improves the sensitivity of thermostat installed in bad temperature sensing site.
  • It’s perfect to pair up with your existing thermostat when you don’t feel ready for the expensive upgrade.
  • These sensors save you more by letting you determine the automation space of your home according to your budget.


  • You have to wire it first to use the remote sensing feature.
  • The front cover becomes loose and keeps on falling after some use.
  • Requires more effort on your part than other temperature sensors available.

3. Pro1IAQ Remote Wireless Indoor Sensor RZ251W

Pro1IAQ Remote Wireless Indoor Sensor RZ251W

Main Features

  • Remotely control your home temperature with utmost ease with this smart buy.
  • Quite flexible when it comes to usage for various temperature control requirements.
  • Being lightweight, you can shift it to a different location within your home as per the requirements.
  • Price is quite reasonable and competitive as compared to other models in the market.
  • As the official complementing accessory to T955W model, it pairs up just right with it.


  • Comes with a variety of mounting options.
  • You get to choose from the permanent wall mount, removable wall mount, and the desktop setting.
  • Being battery powered, it frees up your power outlets for other useful electrical appliances.
  • Extremely easy to install and gets running immediately.
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your home decor, if you are interested in that.


  • The rechargeable battery feature could have eliminated the regular battery replacement hassle.
  • Could have been priced a bit less for the limited features it offers.
  • Compatible with only select thermostat models available in the market.
That’s all folks! Now you know all your options.
But before you go, let me give you my two cents about this thermostat roulette we have going on here.

Final Thoughts

The market is overflowing with remote sensor thermostats as they are the latest digital trend.
Some people are installing it for its utility. While others are opting for it because their smart neighbors have done so. And they don’t want to be left out of the race. Whatever the reason might be, the end result is favoring the common man and his pursuit of happiness.
Thermostat with a Remote Sensor
There are so many options too to choose from. You will surely find the perfect one according to your requirement. You can pick a single remote sensor or go for the entire thermostat coupled with the remote sensor network. Depending on your preferences, you can pick a suitable model that relies on your contribution only as much as you would like to contribute.
Now, go play God with your home temperature setting via a thermostat with remote sensor!
We work extra hard on all our articles to makes sure you get the information you are looking for right here. Bringing the latest information to you in a timely fashion is our top priority on this blog.
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