Z-Wave Sprinkler: Pamper you Garden!

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”
Do you know why?
Because the informed masses on the other side have been using the Z-Wave Sprinkler system all this while!
Z-Wave Sprinkler
We all are a product of our choices. And it is high time that we make a smart one in this innovative age of home automation.
So, turn a new page in your life and this time make the other side go green but only with envy!
Pick a Z-Wave water sprinkler that fulfills your set of requirements. And see your life go from lifeless autumn to bubbly green within moments.

What is a Z-Wave Sprinkler?

Simply put, a Z-wave Sprinkler is just your average sprinkler made a hundred times better with the addition of Z-wave technology.
So everything you have been able to do with your old simpleton sprinkler will still be possible.
You will just do all that a hundred times more easily and efficiently.
The Z-wave sprinklers use the combined forces of Z-wave and internet. It offers you cutting edge technology to handle every big and small issue you encounter in your long list of watering chores. The sensors, timers, smart app and other latest technological features of this system help you every step of the way.
Z-Wave Irrigation
We bet you must be curious to know that what exactly are these benefits we have been talking about. Well, read on to find out all about them and then some.

Is Z-Wave Irrigation = Simpler Life?

A simple life is a life well lived. Now, this does not mean that you give up all modern day amenities and get ready for a humble life in woods.
This just means that the complexity of tasks should be kept to a minimum. The easiest way to do so is by being a part of the ongoing home automation wave.
Believe it or not, but the following are just a few of the many ways in which this new-age lifestyle can make your life easier.

Easy Control

We want to be in total control of our lives every day.
Z-Wave Sprinkler Controller
So obviously we get annoyed when that does not happen with most of the things. But Z-Wave Sprinkler makes an exception to this rule just for you. You can control every aspect of your watering cycles at your own comfort, anytime.

Easy Task Scheduling

Most of the Z-wave Sprinkler systems present in the market come with the facility of water cycle scheduling. You can set the timer for every single zone in your yard and then forget about it. No matter what, you will always be welcomed by dewy and lush green grass whenever you come back home.

Easy Tracking

Are you one of those people who have to know every single aspect of the tasks they just finished?
Me too!
Now you can track your water cycles more closely with the detailed data charts and reports. All these data and a lot more will be forwarded to your account even before its thought crosses your mind.

Easy Installation

Most of us dread the installation process of any new device we buy.
But the Z-Wave Sprinklers and their easy installation kits have gotten rid of this problem once and for all.
Just buy the sprinkler system of your choice, take it out of the box, snap it together and fly off to Hawaii. Your beautiful tulips and dandelions will get watered in the right amount and on time every single day by the Z-wave fairy!
These are the general benefits that one gets when we buy a competent Z-wave Sprinkler System. But let’s try to figure out how you, the one reading this article, can make the most of this device.

Should you buy a Z-Wave Sprinkler?

Gardening can be your passion turned into profession or vice-versa.
Z-Wave Water Irrigation
Spending time trying to salvage what we have damaged in the name of progress is always a wise move. Or, you might just like it as a holiday activity!
The bottom line is, you need a reliable sprinkler system to reap the fruits of your labor. These metaphorical fruits can be commercial orchid farms or a backyard garden of heirloom tomatoes. In both cases, you won’t want your gardening acre to perish because of improper watering.
The Z-wave sprinkler will take care of this problem. And in return give you plenty more reasons to pick it over the obsolete watering systems.
Keep reading to know them all.

In Sync with Latest Weather Forecast

Sometimes it is sunny and other times you have a dark cloud following you all over town. That is why you need a watering system synced up with Wi-Fi to irrigate in accordance with the latest weather updates. Watering your home lawn has never been so calculated yet convenient.

Save Water and Ecosystem

Over 70% of the earth is covered with water and still, we face acute water shortage all over the planet.
Sprinkler Controller
This makes it our prime responsibility to use available water resources wisely when we are lucky enough to get them. This will also strengthen our ecosystem that is already dealing with the demons of global warming among other man-made hazards.

Slash your Water Bills by Half

Saving water might not be everyone’s prime goal but saving money surely is. By creating water-efficient cycles, the Z-wave sprinkler saves you over 50% on water usage that reflects well in your monthly water bills.

Get Up to 100% Rebate On Your Purchase

What if you could get this next generation Z-wave sprinkler totally free of cost?
This is actually very much possible. Just look for the systems that are ‘EPA WaterSense Certified’ and you can get the full rebate on your purchase.
By now you must be a bit curious to know the best Z-wave sprinklers that the market has to offer. Scroll down to know our top three picks in detail.

Top Rated Z-Wave Water Irrigation Controllers

Stop multitasking this with online shopping for a while. Read carefully to know which sprinkler system you will be getting old with, in this lifetime!

1. Rachio  Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Sprinkler Controller

Main Features

  • It is a second generation model from the Rachio Smart Sprinkler house.
  • Works in perfect synchronization with the Amazon Alexa for real-time voice control.
  • The useful app lets you control and schedule various functions from anywhere, anytime.
  • EPA WaterSense Certification makes you eligible for up to 100% rebate on the retail value.
  • Has been found to be compatible with most of the smart home platforms such as Google Assistant and Nest.


  • A popular choice in the automated sprinkler category as of now.
  • Irrigation science and advanced algorithm calculation generate the actual watering requirement for your yard.
  • You save more than 50% on water bills by such smart irrigation methods.
  • Lower water consumption translates to lower water bills.
  • Watering schedule is optimized to match the latest weather update for efficient water utilization.


  • The system is connected through servers rather than via ad-hoc. The irrigation process can be hindered when the servers are down for maintenance. Or, if the company goes out of business after some time.
  • Customer service department is not particularly helpful.
  • Sync up process is different from first generation models.


You can’t go wrong with this device if you want to take care of your home yard. Everything seems to be under control with its responsive and easy to use app.

2. GoControl WI15VZ-1 Smart Irrigation Controller

GoControl WI15VZ-1 Smart Irrigation Controller

Main Features

  • Enjoy whole one year guarantee against manufacturer defect.
  • It does not require batteries.
  • Valve-fault detection cuts off the water supply if the sprinkler head is broken.
  • You can connect a total of 15 irrigation valves to it.
  • Needs a HomeSeer home automation system for excellent performance.


  • Only one pound overall weight makes this device extremely portable for you.
  • Pricing has been done very competitively to make it affordable for all.
  • Using it requires not much effort on your part.
  • Offers enough support for conventional third party devices.
  • Easily fits on the interior wall and sprinkler timer cabinets.


  • After sales services lack where it matters the most.
  • International shipping option is not available with it.
  • Customer care is not responsive at all.


Say goodbye to installation blues forever with the GoControl WI15VZ-1 Smart Irrigation Controller. Save on water, time and your efforts every time you use this smart irrigation system.

3. RainMachine Touch HD-12

RainMachine Touch HD-12

Main Features

  • Wi-Fi irrigation controller facility will make your watering tasks considerably easy.
  • A combination of Wunderground, METNO and NOAA weather data sources makes you water your garden just the right amount.
  • View and navigate everything in vivid colors with a well-lit 6.5 inches LCD display.
  • This is a second generation version of the appliance and happens to be cloud independent.
  • It supports multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can access its data on multiple platform browsers including Apple and Android


  • Guaranteed easy installation lets you get the whole system up and running in less than 15 minutes.
  • One can save over 80% water with this reliable IoT device.
  • It claims to offer the fastest payback as compared to any other green IoT appliance.
  • Enjoy live telephonic support on any given day.
  • You stand the chance of getting full rebate, courtesy the WaterSense Certification.


  • Some customers are complaining that the LCD stops working after a week of usage.
  • The touchscreen is not responsive if your hands are moist.
  • The watering cycles are automatically set. But, most of the times they don’t take note of the current watering needs.


Buy the RainMachine Touch HD-12 Z-Wave sprinkler for its cost and water-efficient operation. It is the perfect smart home investment for long term usage.
All the above-mentioned models solve one or the other major watering problem that you are faced with on a daily basis. You can get a lot done in way less time with any of these smart additions to your home.

In the End…

It is always great to encircle your home or workplace with greenery.
Smart Sprinkler
And if you have been a sage all this while then get the Z-Wave Sprinkler today. You don’t want to suddenly switch to the school of ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ Ideology.
Get out in your garden and just picture how much better you can make it while investing minimum time and efforts. So make yourself and your yard happy today with the wonders of Z-wave Sprinkler System.
This brings us to the end of this article. But don’t be sad. Subscribe to our blog for getting every single post we create for you as soon as we update it over here!

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